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Aug 20, 2015, 08:35 IST | The Guide Team

Happy Travelling Girl is a project by three women that encourages women to travel solo and share their experiences with the aim to make India safe for solo female travellers

Not a day passes by when we can skim through a newspaper without a story about violence against women. Though India offers great diversity when it comes to travel destinations, several such cases of harassment have tarnished the image of the country.

Happy Travelling Girl

Three women — Krishna Ganatra, Megha Jamb and Deepika Gumaste — want to change this scenario, one trip at a time. The trio has started an online project called Happy Travelling Girl, where they encourage solo female travellers to share their

Avid travellers themselves, the founders of the project are looking for fearless women who have undertaken solo trips across the country. One can contribute to the community, either by writing an article about one’s solo travel experience and how it impacted her, or one can even share a video or be interviewed by them if they feel lazy. They also aim to create economical home stays / women’s hostels at key locations across India. And in order to get the government involved and aware about this issue, they have also started a petition on, where one can sign the petition and stand for the cause.

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