Focus on the game, good times will follow: Vishwanathan Anand

Jun 06, 2014, 09:52 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Three questions with Chess champion Vishwanathan Anand

Q. How do you feel to be associated with the Maharashtra Chess League (MCL)?
A. I am enthralled to see the response MCL is getting. Last year, being the introductory year of the tournament, was quite successful. The second year is even better with a new team being introduced. This year, we have got players like GM Abhijit Kunte and GM Abhijeet Gupta, so the competition will be tougher and to watch out for.

Q. How is chess received among the younger generation?
A. I think the game is pretty much popular among the younger generation. But sometimes, I feel that they are way too much serious about it. May be it’s because of the parents but I think, children and teens should take it a little easy. Practicing is good and is required but make sure you indulge in other sporty activities also. Go on the ground and play. I am also very happy to see the number of young women players in this game. They are smart, hard working and competitive. We have a bright future there.

Q. We see money flowing in sports like cricket. When will it also be the case for chess?
A. Yes, things are not really favourable here but I think the
game will slowly get its due. We have started with small state-wide tournaments like the Maharashtra Chess League and they are successful, widely received by the players and audiences. I think this will also attract sponsors in the future. We should dedicatedly focus on the game, good days will follow eventually.

The five-time chess champion inaugurated MCL in the city recently.

From June 11 to 15
At PYC Hindu Gymkhana.

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