Neha Bhasin: I chose this song because my mother used to sing it

Apr 23, 2016, 08:37 IST | Anand Benegal

Three questions Neha Bhasin, Playback singer-performer

Q. How would you describe your latest single? Why did you choose this particular Punjabi song?
A. Nai Jaana is a traditional Punjabi wedding song done in a modern style. My whole Punjabi folk project has been about bringing a contemporary twist to the music. The song is minimal, using guitars, percussion and keeping it centered around the vocals. The original is about a bride who doesn’t want to leave for her marital home until the bridegroom arrives to take her. The music video has given it a modern story and message. I chose this song because my mother used to sing it when I was a child. It is close to my heart and I have a lot of fond memories associated with it.

Neha Bhasin, Playback singer-performer
Neha Bhasin, Playback singer-performer

Q. Since it’s unlike most popular tracks, did you need to do anything differently for this recording?
A. Surprisingly, although I have been touted as a modern singer, singing folk is something that comes effortlessly to me. Perhaps, it is in my blood. All we (my team and I) had to do was bring in the modern acoustic touch and then put it up on Facebook and YouTube.

Q. Are you planning a tour following the album release? Who are the other contributors to the album?
A. So far, the response has been heartening. We’ve achieved around 4.5 lakh views on Facebook in two days. I feel like I need to do a few more songs before a tour but I’d love to do one and I’m in talks for it too. I have an awesome team that includes Sameer Uddin, who composed the background score for Kapoor & Sons. He has done all my music. Prayrit Seth is the director of the music video and Joshua Tree has produced it.

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