Following SMS goof-up, Bishop's School offers 45 extra LKG seats

Feb 28, 2013, 05:16 IST | Niranjan Medhekar

Facing strong criticism from parents over the misleading SMS sent to 590 parents who had applied for admission of their children in Lower Kinder Garten (LKG) in Bishop's School, the management has agreed to offer another 45 seats through the lottery system.

The school had held a lottery for 155 seats and faced a software glitch when the applicants were being informed via SMS. Instead of only the 155 selected applicants being informed, the SMS went to all 590 parents who had applied. On Tuesday, angry parents gathered at the school demanding that a fresh lottery be held for the 155 seats. 

Misled: Parents gathered at Bishop’s School on Tuesday, soon after receiving the SMS announcing that their child had been given a seat

Scores of parents who had received the SMS on Tuesday gathered at the school yesterday, after which a six-member parent delegation met and discussed the issue with Bishop’s School Principal Frank Freese. The outcome of the meeting was that the school would offer an additional 45 seats.

The school administration feels that the remaining 435 applicants will now have some hope that their children may be selected. “The school has already accepted its mistake. We understand the dissatisfaction parents are experiencing. That’s why during today’s discussions with the parents, the school administration and the principal agreed to offer an additional 45 seats in LKG,” said Joel Edwin, headmaster of Bishop’s School.

Yet to decide
“It is yet to be decided when to start the procedure to include another 45 students,” Edwin said. Meanwhile, the announcement of an additional 45 seats further gave rise to demands from 60 parents who had rushed to the school soon after receiving the misleading SMS.

“If the school had sent the SMS to all 590 parents, then how come only 60 reached the school. Since we were at the school soon after the message was sent, we expect to be given preference for a chance at the additional 45 seats,” said a parent on condition of anonymity.

Youth activist Nilesh Borate, who was with the parents all along, said, “I am happy that the school has agreed to give admissions to another 45 students. We hope the school will complete the lottery process as soon as possible.”  

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