Food: Happiness all the way at new Lower Parel deli

Oct 05, 2015, 08:28 IST | Suprita Mitter

Lower Parel's Happiness Deli makes for a good stopover for the sweet-toothed foodie and the vegetarian snack addict

While walking down the road near Phoenix Mills in Lower Parel, we spotted a cutesy bakery that caught our eye. It had a huge signboard that read 'Happiness Deli'. Unable to contain our curiosity and love for all things baked, we decided to drop by. Even though the interiors weren't spacious, the all-white walls with mirrors and rows of glass cases gave it a compact, neat appearance.

Chocolate Popcorn. Pics/ RANE ASHISH
Chocolate Popcorn. Pics/ Rane Ashish

The menu options were limited, so we plumbed for one of each savoury item displayed at the counter. The dessert section, however, looked enticing, and so we indulged.

Baked Vada Pav
Baked Vada Pav

What we liked
The Vegetable Panini Ya Ya (Rs 155), which was Panini stuffed with a mixed vegetable filling, was tasty; we loved that the baked bread was soft and fresh. The Hummus (Rs 30) with whole-wheat pita bread (Rs 40) was a hit. Though a common mention on city menus, few eateries get their Hummus right. This one impressed. The Baked Vada Pav (Rs 30), a non-fried avatar resulted in feelings of reduced guilt. However, we felt that a dash of spicy chutney would have earned it extra brownie points.

Nutella cookies
Nutella cookies

The Chocolate Popcorn (Rs 80) grabbed eyeballs too. Not too sweet and supremely crunchy, it was polished off in minutes. As we wrapped up our order, the attendant invited us to sample an addition to their menu — Nutella Cookies (Rs 80). It turned out to be a delish treat, which like the Chocolate Popcorn, was gobbled up in a jiffy.

Hummus with whole wheat Pita
Hummus with whole wheat Pita

What we didn't like
The Spinach and Corn Croissant (Rs 40) was a tad dry; a more generous filling in the croissant would have made the difference. The Oreo Mousse (Rs 100), which was layered, was a delight for the eyes in the packed jar but tasted ordinary when we tastedspoonful. With the competitive dessert and patisserie scene in the city, this new entrant has some ground to cover before it makes it to the winners' list.


At: P11, P2, Raghuvanshi Mill Compound, Lower Parel.
Call: 8879670797 log on to

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