Food makes me happy: Priyanka Chopra

Nov 04, 2013, 08:26 IST | Dhara Vora

Actress Priyanka Chopra talks about her cravings, why she doesn't like gymming, and her love for Maggi noodles!

What do you prefer snacking on?
Anything. I can eat chips to Pav Bhaji. I have a very high metabolism; don’t jinx it! And, I take advantage of this fact as I hate gymming, and eat everything. I lose weight because I work so much; I am always active. When I was training for Mary Kom’s biopic I would box for 4-5 hours, everyday.

What do you like to binge on?
Cheese with Maggi noodles. I love food. Parantha is my kryptonite. I can’t live without it. And, you will get the best paranthas at my home. Food makes me happy.

What are your beauty essentials?
It’s very important to carry a moisturiser as I am always on flights. I am not fussy about the brand; it has to smell nice. I have dry skin so I prefer a thicker texture. I use tinted lip balm for a little colour. Mascara is necessary. It’s the best invention in

You like gaming. What games are you currently hooked on to?
I used to be a die-hard PSP gamer, FIFA, tennis — all sporty stuff. But I stopped that. Now, I play on my iPad. Candy Crush is the heroin of my life. I am on level 77 now (we’re sure she has cleared more levels since the interview). I use a lot of apps.

What are your go-to options when you are confused about what to wear?
I wear a sari for Indian wear. For a Western look, a black dress, and with casuals, it’s got to be blue jeans, a good pair of heels and a white shirt. So, when you see me in any of these, you know I haven’t put too much effort.

What was the first car you bought?
A Mitsubishi Lancer.

Where do you like to go on vacation?
I haven’t taken a break in a long time. I have been shooting round-the-clock. But I like any place that has a beach. 

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