Food: New paan parlour in Bandra offers a heady after-meal experience

Apr 01, 2016, 13:00 IST | Vinitha Ramchandani

From the old-school Calcutta paan to the new-age chocolate fix, a new paan parlour offers a heady after-meal experience

The red and green themed shop makes you wonder. Yamu's Panchayat is a bit of classy rural inside the urban. Think zamindar and their excesses and that is what Yamu's Panchayat will cater to. The shop is full of fragrances, and also stocks hookah mixes and mouth fresheners of all kinds. And yes, there is the paan.

Paan shots
Paan shots

You can buy a Regular Paan (Calcutta, saada and meetha, all Rs 40 each) and let the paanwallah at the counter make it his way or you can pick from the spread of paan ingredients placed on a table. You can choose your paan preference and you can add, or top the existing toppings.

Ready-made Meetha Paan
Saada Paan Masala to choose from

At Bandra Reclamation where the shop has quietly settled alongside a string of shops near Mount Carmel Church, you can step in get to the usual fix expected from a regular paanwallah corner-shop, and more: Chewing gums (the imported variety), cigarettes, candy and chocolates, aampapad, an array of digestive golis (Rs 70 per bottle), flavoured supari, incense sticks and oil burners are available too.


You can also make your own Meetha Paan (Rs 40), the delicious, melt-in-the mouth Chocolate Paan (Rs 50) or slug down a Paan Shot (Rs 50).

Yamu's has been in Delhi for a long time now and has moved to Gujarat where they were an instant hit. In Mumbai, they have outlets in Lokhandwala and Versova as well.

At Bandra, we noted how they haven't yet printed menu cards or displayed their rates. But it is a place to definitely drop by after a hearty meal. We plan to do an encore for the Chocolate Paan, and to pick from mouth fresheners.

At: Yamu's Panchayat, 1 Luminous Building, opposite Café Coffee Day, Chapel Road, near Lilavati hospital, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra (W)
Call: 7710077785
Note: Home delivery across Bandra (W).

Yamu's Panchayat didn't know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals

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