Food: South Mumbai gets a new home-cooked Mughlai food service

Apr 02, 2016, 08:40 IST | The Guide Team

SoBo gets a new home-cooked Mughlai food service, Saltfish and Kheema

Mumbai always had its own share of Mughlai joints, several of which continue to serve some of the most authentic dishes even today. But for home chef, Rakshanda Dada, who grew up on authentic Mughlai preparations made by her grandmother and mother, the restaurant food lacked a certain something. "Every time I would eat out, or at a friends' party, I felt something was missing in the Mughlai preparations. Somehow, the food never tasted the the way as it does at home," says the Breach Candy resident. This is when Dada decided to start her own home-cooked Mughlai food service, Saltfish and Kheema, offering authentic dishes.

Paneer Khada Masala and Yellow Dal Tadka
Paneer Khada Masala and Yellow Dal Tadka

Currently available across SoBo, the home-cooked food service can cater to a party of two, business lunches, house parties, birthdays as well as thaal parties. She claims that everything on the menu is authentic and carries a home-cooked taste different from what's available in restaurants. "Mughlai food in restaurants is commercialised. What we are offering is a home-cooked meal, something that has been perfected over generations, and passed on from my grandmother to my mother and then to me," she adds.

Chicken Korma Almonds Cream
Chicken Korma Almonds Cream

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Naturally, getting authentic recipes was never a problem as she had seen and learnt to cook them from her grandmother. But procuring the right ingredients posed a major challenge.

"In any cuisine, it's the ingredients that make all the difference. For generations, we have been making our own masalas. I get whole masalas from Pydhonie and Bhuleshwar, and prepare them at home. This is what sets it apart," she says.

When asked about the inspiration behind the name Saltfish and Kheema, Rakshanda explains that Saltfish represents the white meat (chicken and fish) dishes in the menu, while Kheema stands for all the red meat items.

At: Raj Neelam Building, Dr Rajabali Patel,
Call: 9867725482
Note: All orders have to be placed a day in advance.

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