Food that casts a spell at Juhu's B'wiched

Apr 25, 2014, 10:02 IST | Kanika Sharma

B'wiched, Juhu's new eatery, enraptures with its flavours that are bang-on and addictive

It’s too hot to step out — is a seasonal lament these days. But there are days when Mumbai, the unpredictable city, springs up welcome surprises. And this reviewer was only too happy to find B’wiched like lost money in the pocket of an ignored jacket. Sandwiched between ordinary stores is the bistro on AB Nair Road in Juhu that looks something straight out of the film, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. 

The Juicy Lamb Meat Burger had one of the juiciest and fattest patties in town

Grungy and a curio’s delight, this haunt for sandwiches, burgers, salads, juices and desserts is encased in a huge glass room, has asymmetric wall fans, rustic iron stools and benches that give you the feeling of being back at school. Walking up to the counter and after several deliberations in our head, we ordered — a Pomegranate Basil juice (`155), Melon Feta Salad (`285), Smoked Chicken Sandwich in multigrain bread (`255), Sweet and Savoury Roast Sandwich in multigrain bread (`225), Country Potatoes (`35), Juicy Lamb Meat Burger (`295) and a New York Cheese Cake (`225).

The Sweet and Savoury Roast Sandwich gave a nuanced taste to the chicken. The accompanying dip was our favourite. PICS/sayed sameer abedi

The small snug place had the teething issue of water leaking from the air conditioner right on our heads, which led us to shift seats. Brushing that aside, we felt a tinge of excitement as the Smoked Chicken Sandwich arrived. While we glanced at our light wooden platter, taking in its components — a copious sandwich, crackers, breadsticks, a dip and pickled vegetables; a food crowd happened. Delighted and confused, we dashed from one element to another discovering many flavours.

The tall bistro has bulbs with illuminated filaments giving it a quirky vibe

We dug into the cold Sweet and Savoury Roast Sandwich, which tantalised our tastebuds with a perfect balance of flavours that were intense yet subtle. By the time we yawped into the Smoked Chicken Sandwich that gave us the same glee of tasting the protein and the seasoning, an important realisation surfaced. The breads were fresh and soft giving the sandwich that extra something that led us on to finish them, despite bursting tummies.

Another favourite was the burger: it arrived with a fried egg, an enormous lamb patty and an asking for jaws that we stretched beyond our biological facilities. The juice was light and the watermelon salad, too was a rewarding feast. Country Potatoes, the dips, and the crackers boasted of unusual flavours.

The Watermelon Feta Salad was fresh and generous in each bite 

The only mood spoiler was the cheesecake, which was sunken, dry and sour to an extent that we deserted it quickly. Almost enchanted, this bistro ought to charm with its unusual array of desserts (think, guava cheese cake) because a treat like this deserves more.

At: Shivsagar Building, shop no 3, near Chand society and Iskcon temple, Juhu.
Call: 26246821

B’wiched didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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