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Jun 10, 2012, 09:07 IST | Nimish Dubey

One of the most prestigious football tournaments, the European Football Championship, Euro 2012, is now in full swing. Here are seven apps that will bring you not just up to speed with what's happening on the pitch but also help you get your footy fix

UEFA Euro 2012
If you want the official news from the horse’s mouth, then this is the app For you. The official app For Euro 2012 comes from Carlsberg, and will come stacked with news, videos of past matches, detailed team profiles, and of course, live coverage from the tournament itself.

Our only complaint about is that it’s a tad bandwidth hungry and if you’re not on 3G, you will find yourself waiting For updates time and again. That said, it works with Android, iOS and BlackBerry and costs not a penny. If you have a decent Internet connection, this is the app For you.
Available from: iTunes App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Play
For: Free

Score! Classic Goals
Football fans have a great sense of history. Well, what if an app allowed you to step into the shoes of legendary players and score some of the most famous goals ever seen in football history? That is what this app aims to do — it shows the manner in which a famous goal (say, such as that scored by David Platt against Belgium in the 1990 World Cup) was scored and then challenges you to do the same. This normally involves hitting precise passes and then applying the right finish — all depending on how smoothly you move your finger on the display. Addictive and very educational For those looking For a football education. Yes, there are some Euro goals too, among the dozens that you recreate.
Available from: iTunes App Store For: $0.99

Real Football 2012
If it is serious football you are looking at, then this is the game to go For. You can choose some of the most famous teams (club and country) in the world. There are real player names and clubs and the graphics are pretty good too, giving you a decent feel of the game itself. The app is regularly updated and when we last checked was in line to get the Euro 2012 teams and schedules as well. Gameplay is simple — you have to pass, tackle and shoot your team to glory. Never mind the wooden cut scene celebrations or the temptation to buy power-ups — this is the best football game no money can buy.
Available from: iTunes App Store, Google Play
For: Free

Penalty Euro 2012
It might make purists froth at their mouths, but there is nothing as thrilling as a penalty shoot out in a football match. And while we are praying that this Euro edition will see no matches decided by this cruel method, we confess that playing out a tie-breaker is a lot more fun and less nerve-wracking than watching one. And this handy app lets you do both, save and score goals, by letting you don the goalkeeper’s jersey and then the striker’s. The graphics are not the greatest and we got spooked by the keeper’s gloves at times, but the game is good fun.
Available from: iTunes App Store, Google Play
For: Free

Football Manager Handheld 2012
Football is not just about kicking an inflated bladder around. A lot of thinking goes into the positions in which players are deployed, the Formations in which teams play and of course, even the selection of players and their treatment. This app lets you step into the shoes of a manager to pilot their destiny from the touchline. You will have to cope with injuries, ego hassles and of course, an expectant chairman and fans. Stress? Yes. Fun? Yes, especially if you think footy is about grey cells as much as orange boots.
Available from: iTunes App Store, Google Play
For: $9.99

The Guardian
We know you are going to say that this is a news app rather than a football one, but anyone who knows their football will tell you that The Guardian has the most Formidable array of football writers at its disposal. And the latest update to the app has been totally football-centric, with live updates and goal alerts. Not the app we would recommend For following a match live as the updates are a bit slow, but if you are looking For the best writing on the tournament, beFore and after a match and some great analysis, then this is the one. Small wonder that football is the most popular single section of the app.
Available from: iTunes App Store, Google Play, Nokia Store, Windows Marketplace
For: Free

Flick Kick Football
Getting inFormation about the tournament is all very well, but if you want to get your hands dirty with some real football, you could try this very handy app. It literally puts you in the position of a player who has to take a free kick and beat a wall of players and a goalkeeper. Doing the kicking will be your finger, which will drag the ball around or over the wall — you can even curve it if you wish. It is simple and supremely addictive, especially as the keeper and wall keep improving and you pick up bonuses with better marksmanship, including the ability to blast through the wall with a flaming ball.
Available from: iTunes App Store, Google Play
For: Free

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