For the love of Mumbai

Jun 16, 2013, 08:04 IST | Kaveri Waghela

Artist K Prakash and Pradeesh Raman's Mumbai Ishtyle is a unique online exhibition that fuses photography with paintings to capture the prototypical essence of the city

What happens when two creative minds come together to display their undying love for Mumbai? A work of art is born. That is what happened when Artist K Prakash and his photographer brother Pradeesh Raman decided to create Mumbai Ishtyle, an online exhibition that blends fine art with photographic expressions.

The idea for the exhibition came about when Prakash, who has also authored 12 books on textile design and art, wanted to bring some of his works out of galleries and sell some of them. Looking at how Facebook was being used for a lot of business activity, he decided to use it as an online gallery space. “It is easier to exhibit creative works on social networking sites as we get immediate feedback. Besides, there is no third party involved and the artist is directly in touch with the buyer,” he says.

Two of the paintings that showcase life in Mumbai. Bollywood and Beedu

“We wanted to make the most of our creative talent. My brother who is a photographer, helped me with the aesthetics and form, while I did the paintings. We first decided on the images, created outlines and then printed them digitally on canvas which gives the final products a 3D effect,” Prakash says.

The works, mostly inspired by life in Mumbai, have more than 25 paintings that capture everything from historical monuments to the evolving multi-lingual culture of the city. “We have been living in Mumbai for the past 35 years. The city teaches you so many things. It has made me realise my dreams. This is our tribute to the city that has made us what we are today,” he says. The brothers have big plans for the future. “We are planning to exhibit our works in galleries across Mumbai. We also plan to publish a book on pop art soon,” he concludes.

All artworks are on sale on

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