For the love of simple, fluid cinema

Sep 24, 2012, 11:57 IST | Fiona Fernandez

We love our cinema. And we try to not get swayed by the inserts of accolades and awards at the bottom of such film posters.

Having said that, don’t go by the number of award mentions on this poster. We still think you should head to Prithvi House, where Vikalp will be screening Sandeep Ray’s The Sound of Old Rooms (Bengali with English subtitles) and a one minute, 19 second art piece, Refuse/Resist. 

Filmed over 20 years, Ray’s film charts the life and times of Sarthak, who yearns to be a poet but is saddled by the logistics of raising an Indian family. His trials and tribulations, aided by the antics of his wife, mother and son, don’t help matters.

The film tracks down his journey as he seeks to find the right answers. The camera plays able ally as it pans across Kolkata in its myriad hues, from its adda to its alleys. The short audio-visual art piece (Refuse/ Resist) is director Shaheen Ahmed’s interpretation of the Post Colonial Third Woman that explores religion, gender and identity issues.

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