For the love of women!

Aug 02, 2012, 08:43 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Arjan Bajwa believes women are God's gift to mankind. "I have no qualms in admitting that they are the best thing to have happened to this world," says the bachelor boy, who will be soon seen playing Sonakshi Sinha's best friend in a film. Arjan tells CS about five things he loves about girls:

Body beautiful
Women are God’s most beautiful creations. No matter what they wear and in any part of the world, they look beautiful.

Arjan Bajwa

House that!
When a woman is in the house, it shows (laughs). I mean, a house becomes a home. It looks more organised in the way it is decorated, the way it is cleaned and maintained.

Scent of a woman
The way women smell! From their shampoos to conditioners to lip glosses to their perfumes, everything is intoxicating. You can be in whatever mood but their fragrances can make you romantic instantly.

Crowning glory
I love women’s hair, hands and feet. Whether they have long and lustrous hair or a sexy short crop, they look nice. And her smile can get her out of any situation.

Kitchen secrets
I love women who can cook well and more so, when they ask you ‘What would you like to eat, darling? I will cook for you’. That statement does
the trick! 

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