'For pothole complaints please call MSRDC'

Jul 05, 2013, 01:15 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

After a call too many by commuters complaining about potholes on roads maintained by State Road Department, PWD put up banners pointing the blame in the right direction

Fed up with answering calls from motorists complaining about potholes on some of the flyovers on Western Express Highway (WEH), the Public Work Department (PWD) has put up small black banners at the start of flyovers maintained by Maharashtra State Road Development (MSRDC) so that motorists call MSRDC and not PWD.

Making a point: Banners reading ‘THIS FLYOVER MAINTAINED BY MSRDC’ have been put up on the Dahisar to Andheri stretch of the Western Express Highway. PIC/Nimesh Dave

The responsibility of maintaining the Eastern and Western Express Highway lies with the PWD. On the other hand, the maintenance of 28 flyovers in the Mumbai limit is with the MSRDC-appointed Mumbai Entry Point Limited (MEPL), a toll collection agency.

A PWD official said, “Many motorists and people who face problems due to potholes on flyovers call PWD office to complain as they feel that we are responsible. In order to help people approach the right agency and register their complaints, we have put up small banners at the start of the flyovers maintained by MSRDC.”

When MiD DAY visited a few flyovers on WEH, we found that the banners were put up at the start of the flyovers claiming - “This flyover is maintained by MSRDC”.

This step follows the incident when a youth died after his Activa skidded due to a pothole on southbound carriageway of the flyover in Malad that is being maintained by the contractor till five years from its inauguration.

PWD speak
“We have already written several letters to MSRDC regarding the needed repairs on the flyovers and the uneven road surface and warned them that it may cause accidents and traffic jams. We have also mentioned in the letter sent to MSRDC that it should instruct the toll operator maintaining the flyovers to address the problem at the earliest,” said PWD Executive Engineer B B Lohar. 

The other side
“We have already instructed the toll operator to repair the potholes and uneven road surface at the earliest,” A MSRDC official said. “We will also follow up and monitor the situation so that it is resolved.”

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