For sale: 4,100-tonne NASA shuttle launch platforms

Aug 23, 2013, 00:17 IST | Agencies

They could be the ultimate gift for the aspiring space explorer or for those looking for a piece of space history -- a set of old space shuttle tyres, parts of a spacesuit and three mobile launch pads for sending rockets into space

NASA has announced it is seeking someone to take the items off its hands as they are now considered surplus to requirements.

Pre-launch of the Apollo 11 Saturn V space vehicle in 1969. Pic/Getty Images

The three giant launch platforms, which measure 25 feet high, 160 feet long and 135 feet wide, were developed for the Apollo moon missions and also used to launch NASA’s space shuttles.

NASA has now appealed for offers from commercial companies or governments who might like to make use of the platforms, which it describes as being surplus to requirements. Originally built in 1967 for the Apollo moon missions, they were later modified for launching space shuttles at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

Although NASA has made no mention of how much it expects to make from the auction of the platforms, it cost the agency $234 million (Rs 1,510 crore) to design and build a new mobile launcher.

160 feet The length of the giant launch platform

$234 mn Cost of building and designing new mobile launchers 

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