For the love of wine

Feb 11, 2014, 08:11 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

A slew of wine festivals across the state has brought joy to tipple lovers. The GUIDE visited venues across Pune to find out what people had to say

With festivals like Sulafest, Grover Zampa, Amanora Town Centre Wine, Cheese and Finger Food Festival and other such events, Puneites have been spoiled for choice. These events allow for people to develop a taste for wine and understand whether they prefer red or white wine. The GUIDE spoke to a few visitors at such events to map the trends:

Wine Consultant Sujata Patil admits that few people understand what to drink and in which weather and also what to pair with which wine. “People should start with white wine, then rose and then go for the red ones so that they develop a taste for wine slowly. It has to be a gradual process, it is not like hard drinks. The alcohol content in wine is less and so it is mostly consumed to keep oneself warm and enjoy the weather,” she states.

Wine Consultant Sujata Patil

Cyber crime investigator Sagar Rahurkar observes that he prefers red wine. “I feel that fish and light food goes well with white wine and others with red wine. One has to develop a taste for wine to enjoy it. Real wine drinkers always enjoy red or white wine more than sparkling ones.” He adds that sparkling wine has less alcohol in it so it is usually preferred by a lot of females.

Cyber security consultant Ashay Rege, says, “I prefer red wine as I feel it goes well with Indian weather. Sparkling wine is more in demand as it tastes like champagne; the trend will go off in a few days.”

Maureen Mascarenhas, an employee at a private company, admits a preference for white wine. “I like to drink white wine as it tastes better. Depending on the mood, the taste can differ. One must drink milder wines first. Start with the sweeter wine.”

Neha Kulkarni, a writer and entrepreneur, said that she prefers white wine: “I like to drink dry wines mostly, one of my favourites is Syrah wine. I have developed a taste for real wines and so I don’t prefer sparkling wines.”

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