For women, by women

Mar 11, 2014, 09:29 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Catch Kaladurga, an art exhibition where eight women will be depicting the power of womanhood through art

The celebrations of cherishing womanhood continue in the city through this art exhibition by eight women, all of whom are alumni of Abhinav Kala Vidyalaya.

A painting by Priya Patkar

Through the exhibition, titled Kaladurga, the artists are trying to represent the power of women. Kaladurga symbolises the power of eight hands depicting unity and hence, these eight women have come together to represent the same.

The artist line-up includes Priya Patkar-Pandit, whose paintings depict woman in various avatars; one of them as a village woman.

“I find rural women more attractive to tell a story. Drawing a village woman is more promising than painting a jeans-clad female. I love their costumes and positivity,” asserts Pandit.

While Patkar-Pandit’s paintings are acrylic, Ashwini Jambotkar has tried fabric-collage painting. Talking about her work, Jambotkar says, “When you use fabrics to make a painting, it gives a completely different look and warmth to the artwork due to the textures of the fabrics.

Hence, the painting can look really attractive and appealing. In this exhibition, I have put up 20 such paintings portraying nature and abstract forms drenched in colours.”

Till: March 15
At: New Art Gallery, Ghole Road.
Call: 9762350346

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