Forensic lab yet to pass on crucial details to police

Jun 11, 2012, 07:08 IST | Samarth Moray

Police have not received particulars of the contents of journalist Jigna Vora's cellphones; she had allegedly sent a threat SMS to Dey prior to his murder

A year to the day since MiD DAY’s Investigations Editor J Dey was gunned down by alleged Chhota Rajan men, police say they are yet to receive vital details from the Kalina forensic lab, despite repeated reminders. Importantly, particulars of the contents of journalist Jigna Vora’s mobile phones have still not reached investigators.

In possession: The motorbike, which slain journalist J Dey was riding when he was shot dead at Hiranandani Gardens in Powai on June 11, is still with the police. File pic

Vora had allegedly sent a threatening SMS to Dey preceding his killing. Dey had shown the message to a close journalist friend. A source said, “Vora’s laptops and seven mobile phones are currently lying with the lab. One of those cells was used to send the SMS.” Though police have the journalist’s statement saying he was shown such a text, retrieving the message itself will bolster the prosecution’s case. “We have sent multiple reminders to the lab to expedite procedures, but they are understaffed and will take time to revert back to us,” the source added. The last such reminder was sent by police on May 11.

Will Google help?
About two weeks ago, a metropolitan magistrate’s court also issued a letter rogatory (letter of request for assistance to a foreign court) to procure information from Google Inc., about Vora’s email accounts. Police believe the email accounts will provide further clues linking Vora to the crime. The letter will be routed via the ministry of external affairs. Correspondence with Google, where the American company refuses to help the men in khaki without proper authorisation, forms part of the supplementary chargesheet filed against Vora.

On June 11 last year, J Dey was murdered by bike-borne assailants at Hiranandani, Powai. Police nabbed the alleged shooters along with four other accused, including Vora. The scribe is accused of having passed on Dey’s bike registration number, his home and office addresses to Rajan, who allegedly ordered the hit at her instigation.

Dey’s belongings unclaimed
The motorbike Dey rode when he was killed, along with his helmet and raincoat, are still with police. Recalling the memories of her dearest son, Dey’s mother had told MiD DAY that he had purchased the raincoat on the day of the shooting, telling her it would prevent her biscuits from getting wet. Dey’s family members will be required to make an application in court in order to retrieve the articles. Also lying with police are two laptops, which were recovered from the crime reporter’s home at the time of investigations.

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