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Jan 11, 2013, 00:21 IST | Hassan M Kamal

A new location-sharing app, SOS My Location, is a useful app to inform your friends of your whereabouts in an emergency

Are you lost in a new city? You don’t know where to go or want someone to come and fetch you. Tell your whereabouts to your closed ones in case of emergency with SOS My Location, an indigenous app that uses GPS navigation in your phone to tell your friends about your location in case of emergency.

Available in trial and as a full version for Android phones, the app allows you to send a pre-recorded call, SMS, or email, with the locations exact address. Unfortunately, with the trial version, you can add only one contact person, who you can contact in emergency only through email. No SMS or video call is available.

But wait, the job is not done, yet. It asks for the choice of email service: the inbuilt push mail or Gmail. Considering the emergency that one is in, what would be the choice? There’s more. Even if one chooses the right service, it asks whether it needs to be sent or not. Question: What would one use if we didn’t wish to send the message?

Besides, unless the user has friends who don’t take their eyes off the phone or computer, he/she is likely to miss this one.
Thankfully, there’s a solution; pay $0.99 to add four additional features: unlimited contacts, SMS feature, calling feature, video clip feature and one may not have to rely on emails either.

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