Four Mumbai comics share their online dating failures

May 04, 2016, 08:50 IST | Dipanjan Sinha

Four funny young people share their spectacular failures at mastering the emoticon-riddled paths of online dating

Even though everyone is allegedly savouring torrid romance riding the technological milestone of online dating, according to surveys, khap panchayat and other larger social observations, responses from the immediate surroundings are bleak.

 (Left to right) Sreeram Padmanabhan, Pavitra Shetty,  and Anand Reghu from the team
(Left to right) Sreeram Padmanabhan, Pavitra Shetty, and Anand Reghu from the team

Though, there are those who have mastered the art of capturing the poetics of emoticons and employing them successfully to capture hearts, a lot of others use cattle discharge and other biodegradable comparisons for these sites. It is the angst of this silenced part of the society, who prefers not to talk about their love lives (because it is embarrassingly brief) that will be poured out on stage by four annoyed comedians.

The Mumbai-based group, hosted by Chalta Hai Comedy, comprises Punit Pania, Pavitra Shetty, Anand Reghu and Sriraam Padmanabhan. The quartet slogs at their workplaces all day and crack jokes in the evening, apart from trying their luck endlessly on dating apps.

Before they uninstall the dating app and upload passport-sized photos on matrimonial sites, we get a slice of their wisdom and wit.

ON: May 7, 6.30 pm onwards
AT: The Barking Deer Brewpub, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Lower Parel.
COST: Rs 300

Punit Pania

Punit Pania

The founder of the group calls it an NGO without foreign funding and is described as the ‘single’ man behind the initiative. The word has haunted him otherwise and arriving at 30, he shares the epiphany that this is the age when the Gangs Of Wasseypur dialogue “tumse na ho payega” (loosely: let it be) rings true. He wonders if between updating social media status and selecting filters for photos, real people do exist anymore.
Dating mantra:  If a profile seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Anand Reghu
Anand Reghu
He has been a part of the Mumbai standup scene for seven years, and it has allegedly adversely affected his love life. Anand tried calling himself Andy but there are no shortcuts to cooldom and there are no shortcuts out of Kurla, he believes. Andy’s hit acts include ‘How to be a spiritual leader?’ How to pick up chicks in Malad? and ‘How to be successfully successful at work?’ “I am an expert at making love to myself,” he shares solemnly. 

Dating mantra: Between love and lust, always choose pizza.

Pavitra Shetty
Pavitra Shetty
This engineer might be an ace when it comes to comedy but cupid lives on the other line of the Mumbai local for her. “My mom does not think I am beautiful, my dad thinks I need a lip job and my brother is jealous of my facial hair” is how she describes herself, shockingly cheerful about the admission, and reveals that the only male who waits for her near her house is an auto driver and that too for “lamba bhaada.”
Dating mantra: Check the others folders on Facebook messages.

Sreeram Padmanabhan
Sreeram Padmanabhan
This literary types is said to have a thing for long sentences, short stories and English breakfast tea. Others point out that he is from Chedda Nagar in Chembur to add context. He also has a deep and redeeming relationship with the sea that washes the city shore, “Being single in Bombay is tough, especially because the seafront sees more action than you do,”
he admits.  
Dating mantra: The best way to hook up online is to post an ad for cheap perfumes.

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