Four removed from plane after woman reports 'dynamite' text

Nov 27, 2015, 08:34 IST | Agencies

The woman claimed that a male passenger received a text message that read ‘BLR Dynamite’; BLR is airport code for Bangalore

Baltimore: Four passengers were removed from a Chicago-bound flight at Baltimore’s international airport last week after a fellow passenger said she saw one of them receive a text with the word “dynamite” and the code for an airport in India.

The woman claimed that a male passenger made several phone calls in a language other than English and when she saw him receive a text message that read “BLR Dynamite. BLR is the airport code for Bengaluru International Airport.

She then, notified the crew. Later, all passengers were detained for investigation.

The officers later informed that no such message was found by officers on the passenger’s phone and they were released without charges.

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