Freeze. They use liquid nitrogen

Published: Dec 15, 2011, 08:07 IST | Dhara vora |

Food meets Sci-fi at a new ice cream joint in the city. But will it manage to melt the hearts of its patrons? Only texture will tell

Food meets Sci-fi at a new ice cream joint in the city. But will it manage to melt the hearts of its patrons? Only texture will tell

The USP of iCremeso is that they use a process called 'flash freezing'. This means that once you're done choosing the toppings for your favourite flavour of yoghurt or ice cream, you need only wait a few minutes before it changes state or freezes.

Food: Strictly okay
Service: Friendly
Ambience: Average

The attendants at iCremeso busy whirling the soon to be frozen ice-cream

Meet Mr Freeze
The entrance to the outlet is lit with blue neon lights, which got us straight in the mood for our sci-fi techno-ice-cream adventure. Once inside, we see a platform lined with machines that look like giant hairdryers, but spew nitrogen in place of hot air.

Toffee Caramel ice-cream with white chocolate topping

You can choose from over 20 ice creams and 10 yoghurt flavours. Our first choice was the Toffee Caramel with white chocolate toppings (Rs 110). The attendant starts by injecting the flavour into a bowl of sweetened milk using one of the neatly lined syringes placed on one of two shelves.

Passion Fruit OMG ice-cream with blueberry and biscuit toppings

After much blending they finally switch on what looks like the hairdryer's giant brother, and which starts to emit nitrogen fog, reminding us of Mr Freeze in Batman and Robin.

Like water for ice
While the flavour is not bad, the ice cream was watery. The generous serving of milk chocolate topping, however, tasted terrible. Next, we ordered the Passion Fruit OMG (Rs 105) ice cream and waited for a good ten more minutes. The flavour of PFOMG was refreshing and helped elevate our moods after the toffee fiasco. The blueberry topping made it very yummy. However, PFOMG too, was watery like its predecessor.

The Raspberry Yoghurt (Rs 90) was bursting with flavour, but there was little difference between the texture of the ice cream and the yoghurt. What iCremeso has going in its favour, is novelty. Kids will love watching the entire process of 'flash-freezing'. The flavoured yoghurts seem a better bet than the ice creams. But if iCremeso must survive, it is the ice cream and not the special effects that will determine its longevity.

At: iCremeso, Shop no 6, Marzban Road, Fort.

iCremeso didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

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