French First lady to reveal partner's romantic side

Jun 26, 2012, 08:33 IST | Agencies

Valerie Trierweiler to publish Mills and Boons version of romance with Francois Hollande and his rise to power

France’s new First Lady is risking widespread ridicule yet again with the publication of a cheesy book chronicling her partner’s rise to power. Valerie Trierweiler has contributed a series of cringe-worthy captions in the photo essay entitled Francois Hollande President: 400 Days Behind the Scenes of a Victory. Gushing over her victorious valentine, the journalist dubbed ‘The Rottweiler’ is decidedly more Mills and Boon than Andrew Marr in her commentary.

Love is in the air: France’s controversial new first lady Valerie Trierweiler gushes over Francois Hollande in her new book and also speaks of his relationship with his ex Segolene Royal. File pic

Writing of the night Hollande won the Socialist primary race, she says, “He takes me in his arms, safe from view. I cry, he laughs.” But, predictably, it is her notes on Hollande’s April rally in Rennes with his ex-partner, and mother of his four children, Segolene Royal that has hit the headlines.

War of roses
Royal and Trierweiler have been engaged in a ‘war of the roses’ ever since the latter tweeted support for a political opponent of the former during the parliamentary election.

On the rally, Royal and Hollande’s first political appearance together of the campaign, Trierweiler says, “Ah, the Rennes rally! Or rather the Hollande Royal rally. In short, the Francois-Segolene reunion. Lots has been written since the start of the week, the photographers are here en masse. Will they kiss or shake hands? Those are the crucial questions my fellow journalists are asking.” 

She adds, “Yes, the man I love had a woman before me. And she happens to have been a presidential candidate. I have to live with it.” Trierweiler has since said she regretted ‘humiliating’ Royal with the tweet and sources say she has been told to ‘stay in the shadows’ after Hollande was ‘furious’ at her intervention. The saga ignited again last week when Royal told a magazine of her hurt feelings.

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