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Published: Dec 09, 2012, 08:25 IST | Tunali Mukherjee |

A 5D theatre and a 'haunted' house at Phoenix Market City promise to turn your day at the mall into an electrifying experience. Sunday MiD DAY puts the claim to test, and comes back, heckles semi-raised

Fromthe outside, Storm, the recently launched 5D theatre at Phoenix Market City, Kurla, looks formidable. With the entrance bathed in black and mystery, Yours Truly was intrigued about what the 5th dimension could be. I found out soon enough.

Named Tsunami in the City, the animated film lets you experience a massive earthquake and tsunami ravaging a Japanese city. With images of the real catastrophe still fresh, the fact that we were meant to “enjoy” this experience felt a tad wrong.

On the other hand, the film bordered on educating and “thrilling” you at the same time, but ended up feeling more like your primary school teacher with some ill-timed effects. Like in any 4D theatre the seats moved, and blew some air and weak sprays of water that you had to crane your neck to catch (it’s a tsunami on screen, I’d expected a drench fest!), doing its best to shake you up. However, after the initial ooh-and-aahs died out, one wondered what was the point of it all. Nada.

The film tried too hard, cutting from multiple points of view, taking you from the top storey of a skyscraper right to the bottom of the ocean and the effects were pitifully out of sync. Worst still, this 5D theatre had its 3D all out of focus, so you’d have to keep removing the glasses to ensure your eyes weren’t giving up on you. Oh yes, the “5D” element. Do the bubbles floating up to you count? They were definitely the coolest thing about the 10-minute film.

After the fairly blah experience, forgive me for stepping into the Scary House all conceited. Scare me with some silly plastic figures in the dark, will you? I scoffed as I made my way and was greeted with nothing. It was pitch dark. As my eyes just about adjusted to it, something jumped from behind me — BOO! That was startling, and with the skeptic in me impressed, I made my way further into the darkness when I realised I wasn’t alone. Much to my horror, the black-cloaked figure was following me, plotting ways to scare me as I further got lost in the dark labyrinth.

The 5D experience at Storm, Phoenix Market City, Kurla

Jumping in my way all of a sudden and when I had no clue where to go, even giving directions, this was a poltergeist alright. Between numerous ‘Boo’s and ‘Go Riiiiggght’s, I realised this house was actually home to many spooks that kept haunting your path, providing a rather personalised, and very scary, fright experience. Your very own demons. How apt, and scary. It’s safe to say that the scariest thing about Phoenix Market City is not its prices. The Scary House is a must try. 

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