From a father to his daughter

Jul 21, 2013, 06:06 IST | Kaveri Waghela

Songs can sometimes change the world. Mihir Joshi's debut album Mumbai Blues consists carefully crafted songs that have a deep social impact finds Kaveri Waghela

His Facebook profile describes him as a singer, television anchor, avid blogger, radio jockey and an actor. With his latest foray into blues-rock music, artiste Mihir Joshi has added another feather to his already colourful cap.

Mihir Joshi (centre) performs with his band members

Joshi has been jamming since the last eight years and forming a band based on his passion for music was hardly a surprise. “I used to be the lead singer in my college band. But after engineering my band mates went on to do their MBA and MS while I decided to venture into the music business. Radio only widened my horizons. Through it, I met a lot of musicians who later helped me form a band.”

Mumbai Blues, his debut album, focusses on myriad issues like potholes, traffic jams and issues that Mumbaiites face in their daily lives. It is a four-member group with Sanju Aguiar on guitar, Ishaan Krishna on bass and Virendra Kaith on drums. The album consists nine songs. ‘Sorry’, a song about the utter helplessness of a father as he tries to protect his daughter from the world of crime, is the first single that has been recorded. Speaking about the song he says, “This is honestly my most personal song. I would love to have a daughter but following the recent state of affairs, I am just too scared to bring her into this world. Sorry, thus, is my perception of the crazy world that we are living in and the fear, anger and utter helplessness that every father can relate to comes out in this song.”

The video has been shot by his good friend, Tushar Dhanawade and has got close to 2000 hits on his youtube channel in less than a month. It is already getting some rave reviews from people across India. Mihir explains, “We’ve got some great feedback. The most special one was when Blues music legend Walter Trout’s wife Marie Trout wrote us an email appreciating the song. It is an honour that he saw the video and liked the emotion behind the song.”

The group has just returned from performing at Hardrock Cafe in Pune, plan to make their music available through CDs, digital downloads and even LPs so that music enthusiasts can avail them in all forms. Apart from this, they also plan to promote their album by performing across India. “We just have one plan for now, to get a label and put out an album.” he smiles.

People can see their video on theirchannel: To know more about them log on to or follow them on twitter at @mihirjoshiband

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