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Apr 18, 2013, 05:07 IST | Kanika Sharma

Women take centrestage at a week-long film festival at the Max Mueller Bhavan, to mark Indo-EU relations

Celebrating half-a-century of Indo-European Union relations,24 films will be screened that are themed on Celebrating Women. The 18th European Union Film Festival that kicked off on March 8 in Coimbatore will be travelling to Mumbai, one of the ten cities on its radar.

Michael Siebert, the Consul General of the German Consulate says, “India is such a large country — rather a continent, like Europe. That is why almost all 27 member states of the Union have put their forces together with the delegation of the EU to India.”

The First Assignment (Italy)

Commenting on his inclusive approach towards tier-II cities, he comments, “For film lovers in Chandigarh or Jodhpur it might be a little more difficult to watch a film from Estonia or Romania than for Mumbaikars or Delhiites. We made sure viewers in 11 cities across India can enjoy a variety of European films for a week.”

All 24 films make the women take centrestage, noting it as a mark of solidarity and a sharing exercise between women of these two great continents. Siebert explains, “More than half of the population of Europe are women. Seen from that angle, it cannot be wrong to show films about how women in Europe live, feel, think and act!”

32A from Ireland

He elaborates, “The theme is meant to showcase European unity in all its cultural diversity, which is the strength of Europe. Given the broad debate about the role, life and rights of women in India, which the tragic Delhi gangrape case of last December has initiated, the theme of this year’s European Union Film Festival might also be seen as food for thought to that debate.”

Watch out for these
32 A (Ireland) is a coming-of-age story about young Maeve who has encountered the unlucky number of 13 as she officially becomes a teen. The film is a quirky uptake on this curious character’s journey to a bra, a trophy that all her friends seem to have bagged except her.

The First Assignment (Italy) is Giorgia Cecere’s debut film that became popular at the Venice Film Festival. Set in the 1950s, Nena is a young woman who is a teacher posted to the provincial Pugilan town. As she misses her aristocratic boyfriend who despite being ravingly mad about her hasn’t asked for her hand in marriage. This urges her to find her own independent self amidst social censure.

Eszter’s Inheritance (Eszter hagyateka) is an adaptation of Hungarian author Sándor Márai’s works. Set during the Second World War, the film narrates an endearing tale of Eszter, a charming middle-aged woman who lives with her servant Nunu.

Irish Film Festival
Make sure not to miss 16 award-winning animations from Ireland on April 18 at PVR Juhu. From the Oscar-nominated feature The Secret of Kells to the Oscar-winning short Fifty Percent Grey, this admissions-free festival will have two screenings on 5.30 pm and 8.15 pm. 

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