From Russia, with love

Sep 10, 2012, 08:08 IST | The Guide Team

Every Monday and Friday, The Russian Center for Science and Culture screens Russian films on different themes and subjects made by talented directors. This month sees an eclectic line up for the cine buff

With a mix of themes ranging from teenage convicts to Soviet Union of the 1930s to a young girl who feels trapped in her town, the films give the audience a picture of the different aspects of the erstwhile Soviet Union.

A still from Bastards directed by Alexander Atanesian

Since the last two years, the Centre has been screening Russian films every Monday and Friday. The films are open to all and are screened with English subtitles. “We select the films to be screened and sometimes we screen films by a particular director or on a particular theme.

A still from Carmen directed by Alexander Khavan

During one particular month, we had screened Tarkovsky’s films while another month was dedicated entirely to children’s films,” informs TV Rajeev, Administrator, Russian Center for Science and Culture. But most often, these are films by a mix of directors and different subjects, he admits.

This month, some of the films that will be screened include Damn It, directed by Sergey Nikonenko, The War was Tomorrow, directed by Yuri Kara, Bastards by Alexander Atanesian and Carmen by Alexander Khavan.

While Bastards is about a group of teenage convicts who are secretly trained for a guerrilla mission, The War was Tomorrow recreates with the atmosphere of the 1930s-1940s Soviet Union. Little Vera is a 1988 film on a teenage girl and Carmen is a well-paced crime thriller.

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