From the lens of MF Husain's grandson

Jun 05, 2014, 10:55 IST | Soma Das

Salamat Husain (32), the grandson of artist MF Husain, is showcasing a selection of 33 images in the city.

What: Salamat Husain (32), the grandson of artist MF Husain, is showcasing a selection of 33 images in the city. Organised in association with Gallery 7 and the Consul General of Turkey, the exhibition, titled 25 Kilos, features images shot in India and Turkey. A humble cart puller, a flute seller, a tree’s shadow awash with colours, fishes in a basket, a girl selling baloons and other glimpses of day-to-day life feature in the images. The show’s title represents the weight of the equipment carried by Husain wherever he travelled for the shoot. Husain, whose passion lies in travel photography, boasts of a BFA from State University New York in Animation and Design followed by a diploma from the Hallmark Institute of Photography. He presently shuffles between Mumbai and Dubai.

How: Initially, the photographer headed to Turkey on a family summer vacation and loved the country so much that he decided to photograph it. “I love their culture, colours, passion and art,” he states. Husain explains that the images being exhibited were initially for his upcoming book for the Turkish Consulate (it will be published next year).

Men’s Beauty Salon

Explaining the allure of travel photography for him, he states, “You are constantly learning about your gear, adapting to new terrain, enlarging your global perspective, meeting people, absorbing new sounds and sights, and capturing stories from the surroundings.”

The Bird and The Girl
The Bird and The Girl

Where: Husain admits that having MF Husain as grandfather means there are a lot of expectations to live up to. “My grandfather saw his first light of success when he was 41 and for every artist the journey to find his calling and style takes time. Dada, as we lovingly call him, shared his wisdom to work rigorously to discover my style and genre of creativity,” he signs off.

The Sequinced Hour
The Sequinced Hour

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