Fruits, chocolate invade your bouquet

Jul 23, 2013, 11:32 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Give the run-of-the-mill gifts a miss and instead check out Fruitilicious' fruit and chocolate bouquets which make for quirky gifts for every occasion

Fruitilicious, the new store at Boat Club Road pairs fruits and chocolates together. Their hand-crafted and chocolate-dipped fruit bouquets will appeal to chocoholics and fruit lovers alike.

The store is located close to Pune station and can easily be spotted thanks to its bright exterior which stands out on the sparsely-crowded Boat Club Road lane.

Fruitilicious offers choco-dipped fruit baskets

Being the very first branch in Pune, Fruitilicious is all of two tiny rooms and most of the orders are home-delivered. A counter displays samples of chocolate-dipped fruits. The shelf on the wall is stocked with decorations for the bouquet, based on the occasion and includes teddy bears,
mini-baskets, vases and artificial flowers.

The gifts can be in the form of single skewers, bouquets or 3D creations resembling a baby’s cradle, fruit fairy, a flower bed or an ice
cream cone.

For the fruit bouquets and chocolate-dipped fruits, the fruits are sourced according to the season and include apple, marshmallow, grapes, strawberries and kiwis, etc.

They are bought fresh every day and the chocolates used are from Belgium (dark, orange and white chocolates), while the almonds and pistachios are ordered from Iran.

Bouquet decorations at Fruitilicious

Owner Bhagyashree Dholepatil, observes that Punekars are slowly but steadily opening up to new trends such as this. “Fruitilicious is just two-months old but we can sense that this unique concept is appealing to the new generation. With a wide variety of offerings for every occasion right from baby-showers to weddings, we try to cater to every occasion. After considering the client’s demands, I conceptualise a bouquet that will look apt for the occasion and present it to the patron.”

While the store opened recently, they have also had some quirky demands.

Dholepatil recollects, “I once received a unique demand to make a bouquet for a wedding night. We had to put in a lot of effort for creating the bouquet.

Usually, while creating the fruit or chocolate-fruit bouquet, we disscuss it with our chef and put some serious thought in making the occasion more special. We also suggest a few other decorations that can be placed with the bouquet.”

Based on the demand, the prices for bouquets start from `250 and go on to `10,000. Their customised choco-fruit bouquets are the most

The store is still planning to start an open counter. If you intend to buy a fruit/chocolate bouquet, ensure that you plan and order it two days in advance as the perishable bouquets are not easily available and have to be made in advance.

At F7, Konark Park,
Boat Club Road.
Call 7507260000
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