Frustrated Nasri abuses French journalist

Jun 25, 2012, 07:30 IST | AFP

Samir Nasri launched a foul-mouthed tirade against a French AFP journalist when asked what he thought of France's 2-0 defeat by holders Spain in the European championship quarter final here on Saturday

The player, who during France’s opening group game with England mouthed “shut your mouth” to television cameras in a message aimed at a L’Equipe journalist who had written a critical article of him that upset his sick mother, also suggested the two go outside the mixed zone and settle the matter.

Samir Nasri

The matter had become more personal when the journalist in question — who expected a friendly response from Nasri after an interview with him in February which he believed was appreciated by the player — told the forward to “get lost” as he walked towards the exit. The journalist had become exasperated by the Manchester City star’s refusal to make any comment about the match and instead had been subjected to an attack with Nasri saying all he wanted was to to write ‘shit’ about him and his teammates.

The journalist reminded him about the one on one interview with him on February 28, However, Nasri, who turns 25 on Tuesday, continued his rant, becoming more and more aggressive and violent in his language. The AFP journalist replied: “Alright then get lost if you have nothing to say.” A few seconds later Nasri returned and accosted the journalist. “You told me to get lost, alright come with me and we will settle it outside.” The journalist replied: “Yeah right.” This provoked Nasri to launch into an even more personal and violent attack. “Go fxxx yourself, go fxxx your mother, you son of a bxxch. You want us to have it out, go fxxx yourself. There, like that you can now write that I am badly brought up,” he said.

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