Frustrated taxi driver smashes tantrik's head, runs him over

Apr 08, 2013, 06:27 IST | Shiva Devnath

When his many payments amounting to Rs 5 lakh to the astrologer failed to rectify the 'faults' in his horoscope and turn his luck around, the fleet cab driver decided to turn the tables and take his life

Tired of his tantrik’s inability to solve all his problems in spite of the many offerings that were laid at his feet in cash and kind, a taxi driver concluded that the tantrik himself was the root of all his problems. The fleet cab driver, identified as Bachchan Shamdev Thakur (36), smashed the astrologer’s head with a rod, after which he threw him out of the moving taxi and ran over him, just to make sure that he was dead.

Meru taxi
The accused Bachchan Shamdev Thakur was a fleet cab driver and committed the crime in the vehicle that he drove

The driver was arrested yesterday. According to the Nallasopara police, Thakur had been in touch with the victim Dinesh Chaurasya (45) for the past five years and been expended much effort and money in rituals and havans, which his guru promised would rectify all the faults in his horoscope. Over the years, Thakur had spent nearly Rs 5 lakh on the tantrik.

Bachchan Shamdev Thakur and the victim Dinesh Chaurasya (below right) was an astrologer

Frustrated when the offerings yielded no results, Thakur decided to kill Chaurasya. On Saturday night around 11 pm, Thakur called the victim to a spot near his house at Santosh Bhavan in Nallasopara (East). He picked up Chaurasya and started driving towards Vajreshwari Road.

During the journey, Thakur asked the astrologer if he knew his own horoscope in detail. “The tantrik said that his horoscope didn’t have any problems. To this, Thakur asked Chaurasya if he knew he was going to be killed that night,” said API T F Patil of Nallasopara police station.

When Chaurasya tried to escape, Thakur pulled out a rod from the side of his seat and smashed it on his head repeatedly till his victim was soaked in blood. Thakur then shoved the body out of the moving taxi. Just to make sure his murderous efforts didn’t go in vain, Thakur ran over Chaurasya with his taxi, and then drove away.

“In the wee hours of Sunday, we received a call from a local informing us that he had seen a taxi run over a man at Vajreshwari Road. The local had noted down the number of the cab, and with that as a clue, we traced Thakur’s address and arrested him,” added Patil. Thakur then confessed to the murder and told the police that though Chaurasya had repeatedly taken money from him, he had done nothing to improve his financial condition by rectifying his horoscope. 

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