Fun apps to rescue your love life

Jun 04, 2013, 07:16 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Keeping a relationship alive requires lot of hard work, which includes remembering dates (your first ice cream), places, names, birthdays, as well as not forgetting to buy flowers, drop compliments, movie nights and hiding images from a heady party.

Then again, what if you’re carrying pieces of your broken heart, preventing that late call or that comment on Facebook? It’s a tough life but there’s help at hand. The Guide looked around for a few useful apps that will help you deal with your relationship woes - from preventing you from repeating those “I- shouldn’t-have-done-that” moments to testing how much you know about your partner, to how you can safeguard your secrets until you are ready to share them.

Zip it up
You’re in a safe zone: no more drunk dialing or embarrassing Facebook updates. Save your friends from the embarrassment of knowing more about you or hearing you chatter all night in an intoxicated state, by blocking yourself from making any phones calls (you can also choose them) with Drunk Detector. You will have to pass a sobriety test to access the numbers. 
Available on Google Play > Price: Rs 55

No more secrets
We’re aren’t telling you to be dishonest, but if you don’t want to share your every secret, you better keep them locked. Use an app like Vault that hides SMSes, photos and videos safely away from the people who you don’t wish to share these with. Besides, you can also use it to hide details about that secret bank account you don’t wish to share.
Available on Google Play > Price: Free

Love calculator
We know that love can’t be measured, but sometimes, it helps to know how you are doing on Ground Zero. Love Test Calculator by Advance Mobile Applications comes with sets of questionnaires, which help you understand how much you know your partner — from likes and dislikes to clothes sizes! So, even if you fail the test, you will learn several tidbits about your other half. They also offer special editions inspired by vampires and Halloween.
Available on iTunes and Google Play > Price: Free

Keep a track on your daily life with Anniverz Loverscounter fun app that rates your love based on the things that you do together — like dining out, watching a movie, going for a walk or having a chat together. The app comes with reminder of important dates and events that you would absolutely not want to miss.
Available on Google Play > Price: Free

We also like: Your sex life can make or break your relationship. So, in case you want to explore this mysterious world, and spice your love life a bit more we suggest look around for some of the apps including iKamasutra. 


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