Fusing Asia with the world

Jul 16, 2015, 07:40 IST | The Guide team

Giving a twist to Asian food with continental cuisines, a chain of eateries has introduced a new menu, called Asian Experiments. Jaiywanti Dugal, the brains behind this innovation, tells us more about this culinary quest

Q. Why did the idea to fuse Asian with other continental cuisine emerge?
A. Mamagoto’s ethos has always been fun with food, to play with food and to have items on the menu that will be entirely different from anything around. We felt that the time had come to get a bit experimental and try something other than the usual woks and curries. That’s why the fusion with continental cuisines.

Jaiywanti Dugal with a chef in the kitchen at Mamagoto, Kala Ghoda

Q. What were some of the challenges while working on this experiment?
A. The biggest challenge was to get the right balance.

Q. Can you recount any funny episodes at the experimentation phase?
A. The first time we made the goat’s cheese, tamarind and mango ravioli; it was quickly vacuumed by the people in the room before I had a chance to try it. I never thought it would work this well and it was quite amusing to see this being gorged upon.

Saigon Bowl
Saigon Bowl

Q. Which Asian ingredients lend themselves the best to fusion food?
A. Mango, tamarind and Thai herbs.

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