Gabbar Singh returns in comic form

Jan 02, 2014, 09:23 IST |

Iconic screen baddie from the 1970s Bollywood blockbuster 'Sholay' gets his own graphic novel

Get to know more about the iconic character, Gabbar, from the blockbuster film Sholay through a new graphic novel, titled Gabbar. The graphic novel, created by Sholay Media and Entertainment in partnership with Graphic India, will allow readers to discover what made Gabbar, the boy into Gabbar Singh, the most loved baddie of Hindi cinema.

'Sholay', Gabbar Singh graphic novel

It will focus on the character’s past and the never-before-seen tragic and twisted story of revenge and redemption that turned an ordinary boy into India’s most famous and feared movie villain.

'Sholay', Gabbar Singh graphic novel

This graphic novel also includes a series of Sholay Shorts, featuring all-new, original short stories based on fan-favourite characters from the movie including Thakur Baldev Singh, Soorma Bhopali, Sambha and others. These have been created by artists across the country and the world, including Jeevan J Kang, Saurav Mohapatra, Edison George, Saumin Patel and Ashwin Pande, among others.

'Sholay', Gabbar Singh graphic novel

“Sholay is a film that has captured the hearts and minds of an entire nation for generations and when we met Sascha (Sippy), he understood the power that graphic novels have in conveying a unique visual form of storytelling.

The idea of creating original graphic novels based on Sholay was a perfect fit for our mission at Graphic India to help elevate and push the boundaries of comics and animation in India,” says Sharad Devarajan, Co-founder and CEO of Graphic India, adding that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to imagine the secret histories of some of these iconic characters.

'Sholay', Gabbar Singh graphic novel

Devarajan shares that there are few characters in cinema that are simply known by millions with one single name, and in Bollywood, Gabbar, arguably tops the list. “There has always been a fascination to understand what makes great villains become who they are, as much as there is in understanding about what makes great heroes. With Gabbar we get to ask the greatest question of all — is evil born or made?” he questions.

'Sholay', Gabbar Singh graphic novel
Gabbar, a graphic novel on the famous character from the blockbuster film Sholay, traces the events that led him to becoming the villain he was portrayed in the film

The new graphic novel, Gabbar, will be on sale from this month across major bookstores in India through Graphic’s India’s publishing partner, Westland Tata.

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