Gadget review: Portable speaker that packs quite a few punches

Sep 15, 2014, 07:43 IST | Hassan M Kamal

The MD-12 from Nokia is a charming little portable speaker that offers impressive battery backup and bass that's beyond its size

It’s no bigger than your palm and weighs just 180 gm but gives a sound powerful enough to fill your bedroom. And it’s cute-looking too.


Meet the MD-12, the latest portable wireless speaker from Nokia or shall we say, Microsoft Devices. Despite its small size, the MD-12 packs quite a few punches with its sound quality, especially the bass, which varies depending on the surface underneath it.

But what we really liked was its impressive power backup. The usage varies depending upon the volume and the mode of usage; we found it lasting for a good 10 hours on a combination of wireless and wired usage. (Though Microsoft claims a maximum playback time of 15 hours, a minimum of 10 is still not bad).

Backed by a solid built and small size, the MD-12 also has an advantage in terms of portability. Going out for a trip? Just toss it inside your backpack, and be assured of at least 10 hours of non-stop music.

The Bluetooth speaker also doubles up as a handsfree, and is compatible with all Windows devices beyond the Lumia 630. It comes with a multifunction button, which can be used to accept or reject calls. Connectivity is possible via Bluetooth, NFC as well as the regular 3.5mm auxiliary cables.

Though we really liked the MD-12, we had a few grudges, including the mini-USB cable available with the device. It is too small to be of any use. In fact, the cable feels like a cruel joke since we didn’t have a replacement at hand.

And lastly, you miss volume buttons on the device if your device’s sound quality is not great or if you’re watching a movie that requires urgent sound boosts. At Rs 4,499, despite being a tad expensive for its size, it’s a cute portable speaker, nevertheless.
Available At leading electronic stores and multi-brand retail sites.

Price: Rs 4,499
Rating: 7/10


Size: 84mm (diameter)
Battery: 10-13 hours
Connectivity: NFC, Bluetooth 3.0 and 3.5mm jack
Audio output: 95 dB
Price: Rs 4,499

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