Gadkari uses web for new BJP members, iPAD for Indian food

Oct 05, 2012, 07:58 IST | Varun Singh

So if you thought of politicians as technologically challenged fogeys, think again.

Nitin Gadkari, the national president of BJP regularly keeps track of his growing political family by viewing website updates on the new BJP members registered under every BJP MLA, MP, and corporator, on the Internet.

Tech savvy: BJP president Nitin Gadkari along with other party activists at the national convention of the party’s IT cell in the city yesterday

Gadkari made this revelation during his address as chief guest for the national convention of the party’s IT cell in the city yesterday, and while everyone expected the BJP strongman to expound on major issues, the Nagpur man limited himself to anecdotes on technology and food in his 20-minute-long speech.

This was Gadkari’s first public appearance since the changes in the party’s constitution, and since he took over for his second term as the party president late last month. Gadkari in his speech explained how technology helped him find out how many members were being added to the party.

He also explained how he once tried to implement an online system that would cut short the time and effort spent by the disabled in obtaining state funds allocated to them, but failed. “There are many disabled who are entitled to monthly reimbursements from the government.

For this, they have to come to the office and collect the funds. I had suggested that this money be directly transferred to their accounts, thus making it unnecessary for them to make it to the office. However, some babus objected to it, citing this and that as problems,” he said.

He also let the audience in on a simple secret to his success in the political arena. “Work for the common man and you will be elected. I have forgotten that I built flyovers in Mumbai, but when a common Mumbaikar uses these flyovers and his travel time is reduced, he does think about me,” said a presumptuous Gadkari.

Gadkari spent a large chunk of his time on stage talking about his culinary preferences, and how technology gives him access to them – on his iPad, no less. “Whenever I go to a foreign destination, the moment I land at the airport, the first thing I do is check on my iPad which places serve the best Indian food, and what kinds of Indian cuisines they offer. It is because of technology, that I get to know everything so fast, that too in a foreign land,” he said.

Speaking on his radical weight loss, he said, “I always used to think that my weight wasn’t too much, and I still think the same – just like every person thinks of himself as a hero, just like a bald fellow also combs his pate. In politics, not many speak the truth on your face, but we need to see reality and work for the betterment of society.” 

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