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Jun 15, 2012, 08:16 IST | The Guide Team

The football fever is at its peak with Euro 2012 in full swing and football fanatics are making sure that they get as much action from the game. Apart from being glued to the television to watch their favourite teams battle it out, football lovers are also playing football games on their PlayStations, mobiles and computers. The Guide takes a look at some of the big players of the league

FIFA 2012 
If you are a football fan, you would have played some version of FIFA, on your console, computer or your phone. A new version of FIFA is released every year and football fans make sure they get the new version as soon as it is out.

FIFA 2012 has a few improved features as compared to its previous versions. In this version, the defence is more realistic — they call it tactical defending. The entire game is more realistic with players falling if they collide and features like precision dribbling.

You can also see players somersault in joy or get their limbs entangled when they collide. The game simulates an actual football match with all its interesting features. UEFA EURO 2012 has recently been released as a downloadable extension of FIFA 2012. It is very similar to FIFA 2012 and the presentation is great. It completely captures the EURO 2012 atmosphere.

Football Manager
This game may not be as popular as FIFA, but it is a hit with football lovers. This game is a football management simulation game and a new version is released every year. The game deals with the business aspect of football. The player manages the entire team, buys and sells players, looks at contracts, designs team tactics, does line-up selection and more.

Football Manager 2012 has a more elaborate tutorial making it easy for the player. Also, there is more information on the screen, making the day-to-day running of the club, easier. This game also allows you to ease some of the responsibility and pass it on to the coach. You can also talk to players, differently and have improved team talks — you can scream, criticise, flatter or explain nicely in different ways and you can also get immediate feedback from the team. Transfer and training of players is a lot easier here.

World Soccer: Winning Eleven
It is better known as Pro Evolution Soccer in other countries where it is a lot more popular than in India. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is the 12th edition in the series. This game is very realistic with real looking players and tackles that look like as if it’s taking place in a real-time match. In the latest version, there is more emphasis on individual skills of the players. The players are more recognisable, with signature attributes. They also have a lot more freedom on ball control, the manner in which they trap and pass the ball. They have full control over passes to players, anywhere on the pitch and more freedom on the shots. The training sessions of players are better, besides there are new ways to bolster team performance.

With inputs from gaming enthusiast Shreyas Rajagopal 

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