Game Review: Division 2 is a great shooter game despite boring story

Published: Apr 21, 2019, 08:13 IST | Jaison Lewis

Despite a boring storyline, Division 2is agreat shooter game to sink your teeth into

Game Review: Division 2 is a great shooter game despite boring story

The older Division game matured with time and became something beautiful with the numerous worthwhile upgrades it received. Division 2 seems to have taken everything it learnt from the first game and implemented it in this one.

Game Review: Division 2 is a great shooter game despite boring story

The game continues where the last left off and you begin in Washington DC by helping the White House fend off raiders. From there on, it is a steady pace of missions and open world side quests. But not before you take some time to enjoy the beautifully recreated landscape of Washington with just the right amount of ruin, including all the historical monuments and sites like the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the American History Museum. If you have watched a bunch of Hollywood films over the years, you are sure to recognise these.

Game Review: Division 2 is a great shooter game despite boring story

The graphics in Division 2 are smooth and there is hardly any noticeable lag, which makes up for the long load time at the beginning. Each gun in the game feels different: they sound, recoil and play differently.

Game Review: Division 2 is a great shooter game despite boring story

Considering there are so many guns available, this in itself is a feat. The story progression happens through cutscenes, which are made well, but the story itself is not that interesting. The story, however, translates into great game- play — every mission and boss is fun to overcome and the loot at the end is cherry on the icing. The streets of DC are littered with small missions, pockets of enemies and loot, so it is easy to get distracted on your way to the next mission.

The enemies seem to be on the mortal level and require fewer bullets to put down. But, the combat AI is good and the enemies provide great cover for their comrades and duck behind regularly, making it hard to kill them. In most cases, if you want to conserve ammo, a bit of patience is required.

The game also gives you eight agent skills that you can upgrade over time. These skills are in reality little gadgets that can make your combat experience better. Of these skills, we liked the flexibility of the turret, which if well placed can make a difference during combat.

Guns and gear could also be upgraded over the course of the game and the loot goes a long way, especially since you will need money for certain items. In the same menu as 'skills' you will also find 'perks,' which can give you a few advantages in game-play. For example, you should get the 'accolade perk' to receive XP bonuses for head shots and critical hits, 'inventory slots' add critical space that you may need for additional gear and 'armor kit' makes it harder to kill.

The game also includes a 'dark zone', which is a way to extend the game- play of the main game, but is essentially more of the same and nothing new. Hopefully, Ubisoft will fix this over time and make Division 2 better.

Game Review: Division 2 is a great shooter game despite boring story

All things considered, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is a good shooter and the story campaign is a lot of fun, despite the actual story being a bore. The game gets a lot of elements right, including the gun-play and loot mechanics, but a few wrong moves prevent it from being perfect.

If you are looking for a new shooter to sink your teeth into, The Division 2 is where it is at.

Tom Clancy's Division 2
Ratings: 4/5
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform: PC, Rs 3,499: PS4/XBOX: Rs 3,999

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