Game review: Gran Turismo 5 and a half

Jan 13, 2014, 10:12 IST | Tarun Sharma

'Gran Turismo 6' gets you stepping on gas with its detailed interface and boosts your way to a fantastic handling albeit steals the thunder with below average Artificial Intelligence

3, 2, 1...start. Gran Turismo, the bestselling game in the racing simulator genre has recently launched Gran Turismo 6 (GT6). Yet, our ignition into the game was slightly jerky for we had to download about 1GB of new version data. Clearly, the game lacks pace off track.

After going to the moon and back (the elaborate intro video showcases a guy driving a Lunar Rover on the Moon), we slipped into one of the best user interfaces GT has ever had. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant was descriptive and helpful till we started the career mode and were forced into buying a Honda FIT RS’10 (not that it’s a bad car but at least the option of choosing will be nice).

Car handling in GT6 feels smoother and assist for beginners is good

If only depth could kill
Career Mode has six stages starting from novice, national B and A, international B and A, and finally, super. You start with novice and have to work your way up gathering money and stars. The latter is a new addition. You get one Star to finish the race regardless of your position; finish on the podium and it’s two stars for you, come first and the coveted three stars are earned. For those who bite the dust too often, the introduction of coffee challenges is another welcome component. Breaking the monotony of serious racing, these challenges vary from having to hit as many cones as possible in a particular time, to driving your car as far as possible in one litre. A two-minute break, this.

Need for real speed
Car handling in GT6 feels smoother and assist for beginners is good. Always known to be detailed about the cars (1200 in this version), tracks, specification, and function et al; the game ups its ante here. Graphics and texture are better. The introductions of Goodwood Festival of Speed and photo travel, blows the gamer through the roof. The festival offers great challenges and we get to drive old cars like Alpine A110 1600S ’72 67, KTM X-BOW Rs ,12 on a fine track.

Photo Travel is too addictive; like Instagram or Pixlr — it lets you take your car to various places like Ronda Spain or Syracuse Italy and click photo ala DSLR style.

Replay has been bettered with new angles and features. You also get other mission races as you progress the stages but it’s up to the gamer to take them or not (you can also drive on
the Moon!).

Online races are great as they manage to retain their 1080p resolution and of course you need not play on split screen. Ironically, a major downer is the AI. It isn’t too competitive as they seem to be driving to make way and they don’t challenge you as they used to in GT5. 

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