Game Review: Hitman Beta is a stab in the right direction

Feb 28, 2016, 10:17 IST | Jaison Lewis

The game lets you eliminate the target in the most ingenious ways

There aren’t too many games out there that let you mix it up as much as Hitman does. After the last Hitman game, expectations for the new one are pretty high. We had a chance to try out a beta of the game which will launch in March, we were impressed.

The beta shows up the origin story of the Agent 47 name and his early days with his handler Diana Burnwood. The game has you going through a tutorial and two missions that, in true Hitman style, let you take out the target in the most ingenious ways.

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For the first mission you can drown the target in the toilet, shoot them in the head, or plant explosives to blow them up. The first mission is fairly simple and lets you take your time planning out stuff with little or no resistance. However, for the final test, the map gets is bigger, things do get a little more difficult and the amount of guards are increased. This increase in difficulty only makes the stage more fun to complete.

The gameplay mechanics work beautifully, you can be all gun blazing or a silent assassin, it is all left up to you. There is also suspicion that comes into play, where certain people in the room will notice that you don’t belong there and if you stay in their sights for too long they will call you out.

The one problem we have the game is the need to be constantly connected, playing offline doesn’t seem to have any issues and being a game that is not massively multiplayer it doesn’t make sense to be constantly online.

The game can also play on your obsessive behaviour with lots of options to complete the stage, the game tracks all the ways you manage to take down the target. In most cases you will end up playing the same stage at least 4-5 times if not more. All in all, despite the online requirement, it’s an entertaining two missions, we can’t wait for the full version. Hopefully, the need to be online will be subdued in the final version of the game.

The game will be available in stores from March 11

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