Game review: Why Dangerous Golf is dangerously boring

Jun 12, 2016, 11:16 IST | Jaison Lewis

This golf game tries very hard to make the sport fun, but the effort leaves you high and dry

As a concept, Dangerous Golf sounds like a lot of fun — supercharged fiery golf balls destroying everything in sight. And it is fun, but only for the first 10 minutes. The concept gets old quickly, despite the game’s effort to keep you engaged with challenges, power moves and multiple bonus holes.

Dangerous Golf moves from one challenge to another without keeping you hooked

The plot is non-existent and there is nothing tying you to the game. You move from one scenario to the other, finishing one challenge after another. The challenges do get harder, but it does little to keep you engaged. Though, this is meant to be a way to make golf more interesting, it had the opposite effect.

This is unfortunate because the team behind Dangerous Golf, Three Fields Entertainment, is the same team behind Burnout — that explosive car game where the point of driving was to generate expensive crashes. While that concept worked with cars, it doesn’t work well with golf.

There are some issues with the camera angle as well. Since the camera is focussed on your ball, it tends to be all over the place, if the ball happens to get stuck. The next problem we had with the game is that it requires a controller, even on PC. Though the game seems like it would suck more if it were played with keyboard controls, I would have still liked to have the choice. The controls also make the game feel more like pinball than golf.

Dangerous Golf was an effort to make golf fun, but that failed miserably. There could be an amazing game hidden in this one, but for now, we think the developers need to take it back to the drawing board.

Dangerous Golf

Publisher: Three Fields Entertainment
Developer: Three Fields Entertainment
Platform: PC
Price: Rs 565
Video link:

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