Gaming: The 8 best-looking games at E3 2016

Jun 19, 2016, 11:32 IST | Team SMD

Here's a list of the best games announced this year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Los Angeles

Death Stranding
Hideo Kojima after parting ways with Konami and Metal Gear Solid, re-established Kojima Productions and showed off the trailer for his PS4 exclusive game Death Stranding at E3. The game features Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus. The game will be an action title but nothing significant was revealed, except for some cryptic messages on Twitter about the game. Needless to say the game will be something you haven’t experienced before.
Out in: TBA
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Bethesda showed off the new Prey at E3 this year, the trailer shows a man living a mundane life. Till the scenario changes and you wake up in the year 2032 on the Space Station Talos 1, only to come face to face with a bunch of shadowy monsters and a another version of yourself. The game will require you to use weapons and special powers to fight back and survive the ordeal.
Out in: 2017
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Dishonored 2
Steampunk Stealth is back with Dishonored 2, the new game happens 15 years after the Dunwall Plague. Emily Kaldwin follows her father’s footsteps to become an assassin and claim her title. The game is said to be more challenging than its predecessor and, playing Emily, will grant you new powers that can be upgraded in a variety of ways. Out in: November 2016
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God of war
Three years since the last original God of War game, the developers bring back Kratos, albeit an older softer version who is struggling with rage issues. Kratos has a son and since all the Greek gods are dead, the new game features Norse gods instead. In the trailor, Kratos teaches him how to hunt, while he kills Norse beasts.
Out in: TBA
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Watchdogs 2
The first Watchdogs disappointed players when it was released in 2014. It was supposed to narrate the story of a hacktivist taking on corrupt officials, but fell short of its potential. The new gameplay trailer shown at E3, has a new protagonist and features several ways to finish almost any mission. Missions are also available through the city and you can pick and choose what you want to do, and how you take the story forward. The concept is still the same but this time, the developers Ubisoft seem to have gotten their act together with the gameplay.
Out in: November 2016
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Forza Horizon 3
Forza Horizon will be out with a new release, which will be available on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One. The open world game, set in Australia, will let you seamlessly join multiplayer matches. The game features 350 cars. The game has different game play styles and an ease of getting into multiplayer with your friends along with some of the featured cars.
Out in: September 2016
Video link: http://bit.y/28JlxjI

Mass effect Andromeda
The original Mass Effect by Bioware pegged the lead Commander Shepard as a hero. In Andromeda, you play a younger person on his way to becoming a Hero. The game concept builds around the concepts of exploration and relationships, with a new place and race. The trailer shows a bit gameplay and wonderful alien worlds.
Out in: March 2017
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Dead Rising 4
Dead Rising makes a comeback along with protagonist Frank West. The trailer has the game set in a Christmas-themed town called Willamette, Colorado. You are in an open world setting where you can dispose of herds of zombies in ingenious ways. The game will initially release for Windows 10 Pcs and XBox One in December and will be released in 2017 for other platforms.
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