Gandalf trends as people mix up Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee

Jun 11, 2015, 22:00 IST | A Correspondent

People appear to be mistakenly mourning the death of 'Gandalf', played by Sir Ian McKellen, after his 'Lord of the Rings' co-star Sir Christopher Lee passed away

Sir Christopher Lee and Sir Ian McKellen are both British and have played wizards with long beards, and that fact was enough to confuse many people who took to Twitter on Thursday to mourn the demise of 'Saruman'.

Sir Christopher Lee passed away at the age of 93 a London Hospital this week after being hospitalised for respiratory problems and heart failure. But some people are accidentally mourning the loss to the world of the much-alive Sir Ian Mckellen, who played Gandalf in the 'Lor of the Rings and 'The Hobbit' trilogy, instead of Lee, who was cast as the villainous wizard, Saruman.

The veteran actor's work spanned seven decades, including roles in 'James Bond' and 'Lord Of The Rings'.

Of course this led to much ridicule on Twitter with several others making fun of the people who had made the mistake. 

McKellen was definitely still alive and on Wednesday night made a public appearance for the premiere of his film 'Mr Holmes', where he locked lips with Patrick Stewart.


BossMinecraftVids @boss_vids: Gandalf is in a better place now #RIPGandalf #RIPChristopherLee 

Leah @LeahMCFC: 'Some that die deserve life' Never had Gandalf been more right than now. RIP Christopher Lee

Destroyer @KissMeTaemin: RIP GANDALF or in real life Christopher Lee

Tony Gallucci @TONYTHE_TlGER: Deleting twitter i confused Saruman with gandalf


Alexander ASPIRES ‏@ardaspires: I'm quite idealistic when it comes to my belief in humans; then there's that moment where people tweet RIP Gandalf to mourn Christopher Lee.

Sara ‏@_SwissSara23 Why the bloody hell is Gandalf in the Worldwide Trends? You know Christopher Lee played Saruman not Gandalf? YOU FOOLS #RIPChristopherLee

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