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Jan 30, 2014, 13:01 IST | Hassan M Kamal

This Martyrs' Day, introduce your kids to the life and ideals of the Father of the Nation through two graphic books

Gandhi — My Life is My Message
Mahatma Gandhi was not a saint but he certainly strived to achieve an ideal state of being. He never hid anything from the world, be it good or bad, and perhaps that’s why even after six decades of his death, Bapu still remains one of the most revered personalities.

Jason Quinn
Jason Quinn

Sadly, children nowadays know very little about the man and the principles that he lived by. Keeping this in mind, author Jason Quinn began working on the graphic novel, Gandhi — My Life is My Message, where he weaves the real-life story of Gandhi, unveiling his human side with a special focus on what made him the legend that we all know of today.

“Gandhi’s is an exciting story and covers a remarkable period of history, not just for India but across the world. His life reads like a movie — plenty of action, drama, and emotion too. He was a hero,” says Quinn, adding that he taught people about the power of non-violence at a time when the world had been through two devastating wars.

Cover of Gandhi — My Life Is My Message; an inside page from the book (below)

And Quinn couldn’t see a better way to tell his story than in a graphic novel format: “I grew up reading comic books and I can still remember pictures from those books. The combination of image and text can be unforgettable; it can stay with you forever. It’s an amazing way to engage youngsters and help them learn something without being preachy or boring. A graphic novel is like a movie or a documentary, but a really cool one,” he adds.

With illustrations by Sachin Nagar, Quinn has managed to weave an engaging story about Gandhi and his ideologies where he is depicted as just another human being. “We wanted to focus on Gandhi’s human side. Especially, because, if you see his human side, it’s easier to aspire to be like him,” he adds.

This day in history…
Commemorated on January 30 every year, Martyrs’ Day marks the day on which the Mahatma was assassinated in 1948. It is observed by honouring the martyrs who died for the nation and recognising their efforts.

Jason Quinn and Sachin Nagar, Campfire, Rs 299. Available at

My Gandhi Story
A Warli artist, a storyteller and an animation filmmaker came together to create this book, which introduces Gandhi to kids. Like the three creators of the book — Rajesh Chaitya Vangad, Nina Sabnani and Ankit Chadha — the book weaves the story of Gandhi in an engaging format. there are three voices that tell the story — a narrator, a questioning child, and Gandhi himself, all coming together to introduce young children to the Mahatma.

Rajesh Chaitya Vangad, Nina Sabnani and Ankit Chadha, Tulika Books, Rs200. Available at

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