Gang of 5 stole cars, sold them to bootleggers

Jun 27, 2013, 06:44 IST | Sagar Rajput

The thieves sold the stolen vehicles to alcohol smugglers, who would load them with liquor and smuggle it into Gujarat

A carjacking racket has been busted by the Mulund police, with the arrest of five people in Gujarat. Investigations have revealed that the arrested accused sold the stolen cars, which were then used to smuggle alcohol into Gujarat. The five accused have been identified as Jagdish Tejaram Bishvi (24), Bhomsingh Bhipsingh Rathod (32), Prithviraj Venilal Jath (28), Tannsingh Rathod (23) and Avtarsingh Laxmansingh Chavhan (24). All are residents of Rajasthan.

According to cops, members of the gang used a hammer to break the lock of the car trunk. They would then use their own tools, and in a matter of a few minutes, make a fake key. Using the key, they’d fire up the engine and drive off with the car. Pics/Siddharth Dhadve

Speaking to MiD DAY, Assistant Police Inspector Dilip Dhamunse said, “These five accused stole cars from the city and sold them to those involved in smuggling alcohol in Gujarat, as alcohol is not permitted by the state’s government. The stolen cars were sold for Rs 70,000-1,00,000. The smugglers loaded the cars with alcohol and took them from Maharashtra to Gujarat.”

The car which was retrieved by the Gujarat police, who traced it to Mulund, where it had been reported stolen

Mulund police officials have seized eight cars. The main accused in the carjacking racket Bishvi was arrested by the local police in Gujarat with a stolen Tavera. As the car had been reported stolen in Mulund police station, the Gujarat cops handed Bishvi over to them. Dhamunse added, “After Bishvi was brought to the Mulund police station, we started tracing the mobile phones of his accomplices. We traced them to different locations in Gujarat. The officer added, “We are now looking for the accused who are based in Mumbai. The arrested persons have named several of them.”

Modus operandi
The members of the gang would use a hammer to break the lock of the car trunk. In a few minutes, they would then use their own tools to make fake keys for the car. Using the key to start the car, they would drive off with it. 

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