Gang used ATM CCTV grabs to record pins, fake cards

May 29, 2013, 07:06 IST | Akela

Conmen used CCTV cameras and skimmers at ATM machines to acquire data and used it to make fake ones; 7 arrested with 1,800 fake cards

The Ulhasnagar crime branch has arrested Faiz Altaf Raza, the main accused in the international fake ATM, credit card and debit card racket on Monday. The accused was on the run for almost a year. Police officials have also arrested four of his accomplices. According to officials, in April last year, two of Raza’s co-conspirators Hitesh Gauda and Kamlesh Lalsinghania produced credit cards that were in the name of a certain Yash Ahuja for purchasing goods worth Rs 50,000 at Vijay Sales in Ulhasnagar.

Raza,has been held by the Ulhasnagar crime branch for spearheading a fake cards racket

However, when the showroom manager got suspicious and asked them about the balance in their account, the duo failed to provide an answer, upon which the manager complained to Machhindra Chavan, senior inspector, Ulhasnagar crime branch regarding the matter. After interrogation, the police arrested the two and recovered close to 600 credit cards from them. During interrogation they also revealed that Raza is their gang leader. On Monday the police officials arrested Raza along with four of his accomplices Jayant Gauda, Kamlesh Metwani, Mahesh Sable and Dinesh Shetty.

Officials raided their homes and recovered about 1,250 readymade credit cards, 24 ATM cards, and 573-debit cards and instruments worth Rs 3,36,540. Police sources also said that Raza has a tie-up with a Nigerian who provides him with magnetic strips often found on credit cards to make duplicate ones.

Modus operandi
The accused installed CCTV cameras above ATM machines and fixed skimmer units on the doors. When customers would use the ATM machine their password would get recorded in the CCTV cameras and the data would get stored in the skimmer machine. Using this information, the gang would make new ATM, debit and credit cards and utilise it for shopping. “Raza is a criminal mastermind. There are more than 50 cases registered against him all over the country,” said senior Police Inspector Machhindra Chavan said. 

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