Garbage processing unit to be set up at Tulapur and Vadhu

Aug 28, 2013, 00:47 IST | A Correspondent

Following opposition from residents of Urali Devachi village about the setting up of the garbage processing system in their village, the District Collector, Vikas Deshmukh said that the authorities would convince residents of Tulapur and Vadhu villages of Haveli Taluka to let them set up garbage processing system in their village

These two locations have been finalised, Deshmukh added during a press meeting yesterday.

Dumping ground: Lands for garbage processing unit were identified and approved by the state government around three years ago. File Pic

“Lands at these villages were identified and approved by the state government around three years back. However, noticing the opposition from villagers, we have been maintaining status quo in this matter,” Deshmukh added. He also said that in case the opposition continues then another alternate location would be considered.

Separately, Deshmukh also informed that residents of Pune district would have to wait for few months before they get gas cylinder subsidy directly into the bank accounts. More than 80 per cent of work related to submitting Aadhaar card remains to be completed.

“In the present phase, only those districts that have been able to submit 80 per cent of Aadhaar cards were considered for subsidy. As Pune district could complete only 63 per cent of UID card submission work, we have to wait for a few months till the next phase of giving gas cylinder subsidy could be carried out,” Deshmukh said.

Aadhaar-linked domestic LPG users are entitled to subsidy in advance in their bank accounts. Currently, consumers in 18 districts get Rs 435 in their bank accounts every time they book an LPG refill after the launch of scheme. 

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