Garden Vada Pav Centre

Mar 20, 2013, 09:30 IST | A Correspondent

Located just opposite JJ Garden, the Garden Vada Pav has been serving Punekars with delicious vada pavs for over 40 years and three generations

Started in 1972 by Kashinath Naiku and his mother Parvati in the form of a small stall, Garden Vada Pav’s claim to fame is its large size vadas, served along with onion, chura and lemon.

Easily one of the best vada pav stalls in the city, Garden Vada Pav is nothing but a handcart, and yet continues to be popular among its patrons.

Now maintained by four brothers — Rajendra, Sanjay, Narendra and Deepak — they also run a food stall in Camp area.

The vada pav is priced at `12 a piece and only vada for `10, but is a huge and filling. And besides offering fresh and hot vada pavs, the place is also fairly hygienic for a street food stall, which plays a big role in attracting new customers and getting the old ones to come back, again and again.

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