Gauahar Khan loves to stay in shape by getting jiggy

Apr 12, 2013, 08:51 IST | Shakti Shetty

A popular model on the stage, Gauahar Khan had an effortless transition from the ramp to the big screen

Best remembered for her role in Ishaqzaade, the model-turned-actress is currently thrilled about completing 1,000 episodes of a Noida-based musical. Turns out dancing plays a vital part in her everyday existence -- both professional as well as personal. In a chat with us, Gauahar lists out some tips...

Gauahar Khan

>> Weekly routine: No matter where I am, whether I’m working or holidaying, I make sure I work out four times a week. I’ve been doing heavy weights for a while now and I’m glad by the results. Different body structures have different requirements in a gym. More often than not, a fitness trainer makes all the difference. In my case, my Egyptian trainer Ahmed Yusuf helps me with freestyle fitness regime in his studio-like gym. I simply relish my time there.

>> Chance mein dance: I enjoy dancing a lot. It’s been a part of me and I’ve been actively pursuing this art form since my younger days. To top it all, even the musical I’m part of has dance as its integral part. I dance a lot at these shows and that could be the secret of my fitness. In my opinion, dancing is the most enjoyable form of exercise.

>> Eat healthy: I try my level best to eat healthy and normal. A balanced wholesome diet is very necessary. Although they keep saying that you don’t need carbs in your system, you do need them. Just that one has to make sure that you consume it at the right time, preferably during the first half of the day.

>> Not gaga over yoga: I hate yoga! It may sound weird given the fan following it has not only in our industry but also across the spectrum. But I think it’s too slow for my liking. I’m way too impatient to go for the stretching and breathing exercises. I tried once but gave up too soon. However, others who find it beneficial should stick with it.

>> Fun in water: I like running a lot but I don’t swim in the same way. To me, swimming is more about relaxation and less about exertion. I like being in the waters.  

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