Gawk at 100-year-old memories of Mumbai

Aug 14, 2012, 09:04 IST | Fiona Fernandez

Admission time. One was silently thrilled to learn that an exhibition showcasing prints of vintage Mumbai was being thrown open to the general public in (surprise! surprise) a luxury mall.

Such displays of city-centric art in public spaces is a familiar sight in the West; initiatives like these have played a huge role in familiarising and educating the common man about their city’s rich, historic past.

Sandhurst Road

Starting this Independence Day, Palladium and World Luxury Council will be hosting Bombay: 100 Years Ago, a vintage art exhibition to showcase the first-of-its-kind collector’s edition of 100-year-old unpublished archival prints of the city. The canvas prints that have been sourced from a private collector, make for a fantastic rewind yatra into a time that was tinted with a sepia lens.

The aura and drama of the Raj come alive from Mumbai’s gullies, corners and contours, in its people and charming, yet suitably buzzing streetscapes. Don’t miss this one!

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